Registration Winter Season 2020

Registrations Now Open!

CLICK HERE to register GO players for 2020 Winter Day Season (players born 2011 & 2012)

CLICK HERE to register Junior (players born 2009 & 2010) and Inter or Senior (players born 2005 or earlier) for 2020 Winter Day Season

Online Registration dates: 28th January 2020 - 29th February 2020 for GO, Junior, Inters & Opens players



Year Born


GO (modified)

2011 or 2012



2009 or 2010



2006, 2007 or 2008


Opens (Divisions)

2005 or earlier


Trials: Saturday 7th March 2020
Location: TBA
GO & JUNIOR SKILLS CLINIC 8.30AM - 9.30AM (sign in 8.15am)
GO & JUNIOR TRIALS 9.45AM - 11.30AM (sign in 9.30am)
INTERS TRIALS 12 O'CLOCK - 1.30PM (sign in 11.30am)***
OPENS TRIALS: 2PM - 3PM (sign in 1.45pm)
DIVISION 1 TRIALS (invitation only) 3pm - 5pm (sign in 2.45pm)

**Inters players who have been invited to trial for Division 1 are also required to trial in their correct age group

Fixture Dates

1st Season playing in Qld in 2020 Juniors & Seniors $340 
1st Season playing in Qld in 2020 GO Competition $320
*Discounts apply for multiple family members, coaching dependents, committee members, life members
** Terms and conditions apply to discounts
***Get in the Game Vouchers can be redeemed, must have valid voucher at time of registration 

Payment can be made at time of registration via Credit Card or Direct Debit. Players will not be able to take the court unless all fees are paid in full. No exceptions.

Season Start Date: 
Saturday 25th April 2020 Juniors, Inters & Opens
Saturday 9th May 2020 GO

GO Participants CLICK HERE to register for 2020 Winter Day Season

Junior & Senior Players CLICK HERE to register for 2020 Winter Day Season

For all registration enquiries please call Anna McNee, Secretary 0424 306 762 or email

For any technical difficulties with MyNetball (ie login issues, password problems etc) please call or text Anna McNee on 0424 306 762

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