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Umpiring provides many benefits namely, improved decision making, increased confidence as a player, a greater understanding of the rules, dispute resolution skills, time management and a part-time job income. 

Ridgettes supplies at least one umpire for every team nominated per season. Ridgettes umpires are allocated to games weekly on a roster system. 

Ridgettes umpires adhere to the Netball Australia Umpiring Code of Behaviour.

Ridgettes believes in supporting our umpires to develop their officiating skills through online courses, clinics, mentoring activities and 'on the job' training. Ridgettes umpires are remunerated through member fees.

All Ridgettes umpires must be at least 13 years in age to commence the UDP Foundation course. 

Our umpires have completed the BNA Foundation umpiring course and associated exams.                                 

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